ANA bio



Graduated graphic designer from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

She developed part of her studies in Budapest, where she began experimenting in mixed media. After graduation she moved to Barcelona where she finished an MA in Digital Media Design at Elisava in 2007.

For the following two years she worked as art director at NO-DOMAIN where she was involved in ad campaigns, tv idents, film title sequences and music videos that have been recognised by Laus, Graffica, Triangulation, Stashmedia and Adc*e.

In 2009, she started to work as a freelance art director and at the same time began to develop a more personal audiovisual language. All these experiences have allowed her to translate her sensibility for crafty and visual experimentation to a vast range of media (video, animation, code, photography and print).

Over the past few years she has been working as a live-action set art director for tv commercials and music videos with production houses like Canada, Agosto, Blackbox, Rcr and Garage.

Ana also runs the archive of Slovenian photographer DAMJAN GALE and is the visual part of synth-wave group POLA TOG.